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2 min readJan 11, 2021

The people who trigger us to feel negative emotions are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed part of our being. ~ Teal Swan

Have you ever noticed that we can be easily upset by someone else’s perspective?

Or worse, their perception of us?

Confronted with a comment, suggestion or criticism, we can often feel anxious, angry or confused.

These are emotional triggers.

Listen, it’s not your business what anyone else thinks about you. Those are their thoughts, not yours.

But it becomes your business when you’re triggered.

When you experience a strong emotional response to someone else’s feelings or thoughts, this is indicative of feelings and emotions you hold regarding yourself. This trigger indicates that their perspective resonates with you on some level. Perhaps it’s something that you believe to be true about yourself.

The gift of a trigger is that it can illuminate the beliefs we are holding onto.

But only if we become aware.

The first shift that’s required is awareness.

Not coping or indulging in behaviours that numb our emotions, attention to what’s REALLY going is necessary.

The trigger is your gift which facilitates awareness.

So, instead of avoiding the trigger or judging yourself up for being triggered, look beneath the surface and challenge the belief that lies beneath.

Afterall, the only opinion that matters, is your own. But seeing what we can’t see, becoming aware of what we truly believe about ourselves, well, that’s the journey.

How to process triggers and unearth the belief beneath

  1. What are you feeling? (you’re not wrong for feeling this)
  2. What was the perspective or comment that instigated these feelings?
  3. How does that comment resonate with you?
  4. If there was a belief lurking behind the surface, what might it be? What do I feel and why?
  5. Challenge it: Is that true? Is that real?

In the end, it’s the resolution of these beliefs that will free us.

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