On Being Responsible (9 Tips Towards Empowerment)

Katrina Murphy
6 min readFeb 18, 2021


It’s interesting that we live in a society that is preoccupied with fault, blame and deferral of responsibility. Then when people seem to be stuck, they don’t understand why.

Here’s the thing: Nothing is going to change until you DECIDE.

And within that decision to make choices to change your reality, lies a pivotal piece of the puzzle: “responsibility”.

So if you are stuck in your story, comfortable playing the victim or ready to blame the rest of the world for your life…

…how’s that workin’ for ya?

My life was transformed when I ended the blame game. When I shifted my mindset from victim to being fully responsible for everything that I was creating in my life, my sense of empowerment skyrocketed.

And just to clarify…I’m not talking about fault: It’s not your fault that you have trauma or were neglected or had a broken family or that there was abuse in your history…or whatever has happened to you.

But you are 100% responsible for healing and growing from those events.

You’re responsible for every choice you’ve made…

  • to hold onto beliefs that don’t serve you
  • to avoid forgiveness
  • to cultivate anger
  • to foster resentment
  • to allow it to define who you are

…and these choices have placed you exactly where you are.

Personal responsibility isn’t really a topic we hear much about. We read about the value of self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and self-empathy, but we rarely read about responsibility or personal accountability.

These concepts of accountability or personal responsibility may seem unglamorous however they are extremely vital companions on your journey of self-development.

When we lack personal responsibility, we lack the ability to truly move forward with our lives. We become permanently stuck in poisonous patterns of self-victimization. However, when we become accountable for our thoughts, feelings, and choices, we regain power over our lives.

What Are We Responsible For?



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