Lessons 2021: What I’ve learned during a pandemic.

Katrina Murphy
6 min readMay 27, 2021
Views of the sea — the cleansing power of water

In February of 2020, I had heard of a pneumonia circulating in Asia called Covid, but was fairly confident that my Government would take the necessary steps to ensure that we, as a country, would be safe. I was busy planning my holiday for a milestone birthday that upcoming March and distracted with visions of palm trees, sandy beaches and coconut drinks. A group of us were eagerly anticipating heading to sunnier destinations and just chilling for a few weeks. But that wasn’t going to happen…

Like most of us, our plans changed, got delayed or were scrapped altogether as we attempted to navigate the global experience of the pandemic. I was pretty disappointed with the disruption to our plans but I also felt oddly at peace with the decision I’d made.

Non-vacation 2020

Looking back now, it’s easy to see the lessons that I was meant to receive…the lessons we were all meant to receive. I couldn’t see it then, but this past year was meant to be a hard reality check at the importance we’ve placed on the things in our lives and what the priorities should actually be.

The pandemic has created awareness in many areas of our lives: Not just what's most important but what or how we need to be in order to live our lives. Here’s my sampling of some lessons I’ve learned this past year.


With the immediate shift to working from home, it was pretty obvious that many companies were in a panic and wondering how any work would get done. I think they believed that “people need to be supervised or they won’t be productive.”

The reality is that most professionals work better at home and are happier without the constant commute and endless meetings. They are more productive and enjoy flexibility in their hours of work. It’s simply untrue that you need to work from 9–5 or you won’t be productive.

Risk is the secret to success — Tony Robbins

Similarly, without the influx of professionals from suburbia every morning, we will have office buildings standing empty and ready for repurposing as housing. It’s a challenge for sure…



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