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6 min readDec 7, 2021
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How’s your money mindset?

Do you feel rich, secure and financially set?

Or do you worry about having enough for the day-to-day or retirement? Maybe you’ve even been told that you HAVE enough but you can’t rest into that thought.

It’s not about the extravagant purchases or how much you spend on a daily basis…this is about how you FEEL about your financial circumstances.

Money can be a beautiful tool to solve problems and live with ease or it can be a constant source of stress, limitation and fear.

How you think about money determines the role that it plays in your life.

Don’t get me wrong, money matters. The numbers in your bank account are important — but they’re not the whole story.

Changing your experiences around money is a reflection of the way you think about money or your MONEY MINDSET.


Your money mindset is a reflection of your beliefs (usually subconscious) about money. It’s the way you approach earning, saving, spending and sharing in your life.

Your financial habits — good and bad — are rooted in your mindset. Your feelings of security or uncertainty, limitation or resourcefulness, victimhood or generosity are impacted by your beliefs about money.

All of the messaging from your entire life point you to one of two orientations about money: scarcity or abundance.


Do you live in a state of abundance or do you live in a world of competition for scarce resources? It’s one way or the other.

A scarcity mindset looks something like this:

  • scrambling to make a bit of money
  • wondering or scheming how to make more money
  • stressing over bills
  • complaining about paying taxes
  • resisting giving things away
  • saving but never being able to afford the ‘nice’ things
  • having a ‘broke’ mentality
  • feeling like there’s never quite enough
  • believing that you’re not good with money



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