7 Strategies To build A Growth Mindset

Katrina Murphy
4 min readJan 4, 2022
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There’s new lingo on the block when it comes to mindsets.

Growth vs Fixed.

Basically these are a reflection of our understanding of our own capacity to learn and grow.

  • a fixed mindset — when we believe that our skills and strengths are set in stone and that we possess only a certain level of intelligence, a set of strengths, personality type, even moral character (ex: we believe we’re good at math and science, but clueless when it comes to learning a new language).
  • a growth mindset — when we believe that we can develop our skills and strengths through continuous efforts, and grow with our life experiences (ex: even though we’ve struggled in math class in high school, we don’t let that deter us from pursuing a degree even though it means we’ll have to practice the same skills that we found challenging).

To draw an example, a person with a fixed mindset does not believe in their capacity for growth, learning or change. They play it safe and don’t step too far out of their comfort zone. They would be unlikely to volunteer at an organization or step up to lead at work.

But the good news is that through personal development, you can change your mindset.

But you first must believe in your capacity to change your mindset. (kind of a vicious circle, right?)

Honestly, believing that you are capable of changing your mindset, is half the battle. Once you’ve decided that you can, :

#1. Learn something new every day.

This one is easier than it sounds. On my treadmill, I’ve simply started to listen to podcasts when I run instead of listening to music all the time. That alone has helped me acquire new perspectives and new information. I’m constantly learning new marketing techniques and wellness tips. I’m not saying podcasts are the answer -I’m saying that knowledge is. I’m a strong believer that when you stop learning, you stop growing.

#2. Use every opportunity to learn wherever and whenever.

Learning should never be limited. You can go to the library and pick up books on a topic that you find intriguing, take an online class, or watch free tutorials on YouTube on developing a skill. I’ve…



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